VIRGINIA BEACH -- Driving the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel can save commercial truck drivers a lot of money in time and fuel. However, there are drivers who say they don't like the crossing. They don't feel safe on it.

'The barriers definitely need to be upgraded,' said Bob Hildebrant, a long time truck driver.

Jack Desmond avoids the crossing at all costs, even though the alternate route costs him money.

'It's long, it's narrow, traffic is kind of crazy up there people are speeding by you and then the bridge is too low for truckers,' said Desmond.

There are also truck drivers who says there's nothing wrong with it.

'My thought is they just better learn how to drive,' said Jason Mccarter from Newport News.

Reggie Williams drives the crossing about 10 times a week.

'How high does it (the guardrail) need to be? You're driving in a straight line,' he said.

Ron Bernard has been driving trucks for 8 years. He says he's always more cautious when he goes over the CBBT. His one concern has always been the guard rails.

'It doesn't look like they're high enough,' said Bernard.

Marcus Mills says he's not sure higher guard rails would make a difference.

'You just have to take your time and be careful because it's just you, the road, and the water,' said Mills.

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