NORFOLK -- After the morning deluge, the Ocean View section of Norfolk was still dealing with flooding, although it was minor by Friday afternoon.

Drivers made their way through shallow pools of water at some intersections on Ocean View Avenue throughout the morning.

Neighbors on 12th View Street saw more significant flooding even after the rain stopped just before noon.

In Ghent, James Ford said he wasn't planning on a three-day weekend, but flood waters damaged his car.

'The windows were going up and down and it was honking. The lights were flashing and the water was over the lights, over the hood,' Ford described.

Ford wasn't the only driver affected by flood waters. Several were stranded along Colley Avenue.

Despite the damage and chaos, city spokeswoman Lori Crouch said there's not much more the city could have done due to the high amount of rain in such a short amount of time.

Crouch also said the road raising project on Brambleton Street proved to be effective today. The area around the Hague that usually floods badly looked much better Thursday.

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