Ford issues a recall for more than one million vehicles. Most of the recalls are to fix a power steering defect in SUVs that have caused 20 accidents. The biggest recall includes more than 915,000 Ford Escapes and the discontinued Mercury Mariner from model years 2008 through 2011. The Ford Taurus and a few other models are also being recalled because of problems with floor mats and license plate lights that can corrode and cause a fire.

Southwest Airlines is having to pay up. The US Department of Transportation fined the airline $200,000 for violating the agency's full-fare advertising rules. In October 2013, Southwest ran television ads promising $59 fares on some major routes. No seats were ever made available at that price. Southwest says the ads were a mistake and were pulled quickly. This is the second time in less than a year that the airline has been hit for such a violation.

Be careful when you order your next glass of wine. Italian police have confiscated 30,000 bottles of cheap wine marked with fancy labels. The low-quality wine was ready to be sold on the international market for ten times the actual value.

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