If you've got travel plans for the holiday weekend get set to pay more. This could be the costliest Fourth of July weekend for drivers since 2008. Prices at the pump are up almost 20 cents from last year. Rising crude prices have lead to an early summer run up on retail gas prices. That's mostly due to the continued concerns about the political unrest in Iraq.

General Motors is set to announce a plan to distribute money to victims of accidents that were caused by faulty ignitions switches. According to GM CEO Mary Barra, there will be no cap on the payments.

NASA is launching a new satellite to track carbon dioxide that is linked to climate change. The $468 million dollar mission should reveal details about where the greenhouse gas is actually being released.

Did you know that roughly one-third of all beer sales take place between Memorial Day and Labor Day? The week of July 4 typically sees sales of about 30 to 40 percent higher than the average week. This year, however, domestic beer shipments are down slightly. It seems the two biggest brewers are having trouble winning back drinkers who have switched to small regional craft brewers. In just the last year, sales of craft beers have surged 20 percent.
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