VIRGINIA BEACH -- I was training with Dale Dozier. He's worked for the City of Virginia Beach for 38 years.

In this department of housing and neighborhood preservation there are 22 Dale's who each have districts to inspect.

They notify property owners that they are coming out to inspect a home, condo, townhome or whatever. It's a notice that many times doesn't go over real well with landlords or property owners.

'Well, for instance, ocassionally you are going to run across people who are a little upset and say 'why is the city going to inspect my property?' And once you explain it to them and so forth, for the most part they settle down and say 'well ok. I understand that now, but nobody ever explained that to me before,'' added Dozier.

We were flushing toilets and checking shower heads and caulking and making sure smoke alarms work. And ranges and vent fans too! All this suits Dale Dozier just fine.

'I enjoy what I do. So you don't mind getting up and going to work,' added Dozier.

Inspectors also have to be available to check bad weather. This is the church that lost its steeple and Dale had to file reports post storm.

'Those reports are used for damage assessment and the for the city's benefit and for FEMA,' continued Dozier.

I did the paperwork on overgrown bushes and left the notice in the door at a place where this happens a lot because an elderly man owns it, but lives near D.C.

'Ugh, what a mess,' I exclaimed.

It's not an easy job. So hats off to Dale Dozier for 38 years. He's done well.

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