NEWPORT NEWS -- It was a pretty standard night at work for Officer Brendon Walzak as he patrolled the South Precinct.

'Standard' became somewhat extraordinary when he used his medical training to save someone's life on Newsome Drive.

Somebody shot the 46-year-old in the chest, creating a sucking chest wound which causes the lungs to collapse.

Walzak, who carries a kit on his vest with medical supplies used or inspired on battlefields, was able to use hisHALO Chest Seal to cover the bullet's entrance and exit wounds.

The attention Walzak provided was within the critical moments following any shooting in which life and death often are determined.

Paramedics arrived and took the 46-year-old to the hospital where he still is.

Walzak told 13News Now two other officers in the city have the same kit, given to them as gifts by Master Police Detective Matt Overton who is an Army medic and who oversees medical training for officer in the Police Academy.

Walzak hopes Newport News Police Department will acquire some additional kits so that more officers can carry them.
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