NORFOLK -- A driver lost control, ran off the road and into a fence in Norfolk early Tuesday.

It happened around 3:15 a.m. at Brambleton Avenue at Park Avenue near Norfolk State University.

Police say the Dodge Charger hit the median, went off the road and plowed into a city-owned fence in the median by the light rail station.

The driver wasn't hurt, they added.

Crews worked to clear the roadway of debris so vehicles can safely pass.

Police reopened all lanes by 5:35 a.m.

City officials said this morning's incident marks the third time the fence has been hit.

The first repair cost less than $1,000 and occurred at the Park Avenue end. The second repair was rather small and has not been completed yet.

'The purpose of the fence is for pedestrian and student safety. The fence directs pedestrians and students to proper and safer pedestrian crossings and keeps them from taking an unsafe shortcut across Brambleton Avenue. Keep in mind, the light rail station and bus stop are in the same area and pedestrian safety is paramount,' city spokesperson Lori Crouch said.

City officials plan to repair the fence again. The cost hasn't been determined yet, but Crouch said insurance could help offset some of the expense.

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