VIRGINIA BEACH -- A 70 pound juvenile loggerhead turtle, named Wolverine by theVirginia Aquarium in Virginia Beach, received a CT scan of his head at the Sentara Independence Advanced Imaging Center in Virginia Beach.

Wolverine was found in the ocean a few weeks ago by the mayor of Tangier Island, suffering from a penetrating head wound of unknown origin. The turtle was then transferred to the Virginia Aquarium Stranding Center.

Wolverine is swimming freely and eating fish, but, seems to have trouble opening his mouth completely, hence the CT scan to determine what's causing that deficit.

Sentara Independence responded to the request for a CT scan, following scans of two other turtles at the Sentara Kitty Hawk campus on the Outer Banks for the North Carolina Aquarium on Roanoke Island two weeks ago.

No word on when Wolverine might be released back to the wild.

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