CHESAPEAKE -- A Chesapeake attorney is suing two Hampton Roads hospitals over the death of his mother-in-law.

Barry Taylor said his mother-in-law 86-year old Antonia Arcelao loved to dance, in fact just a few months before she died in August 2012 she danced for several hours at her granddaughter's wedding reception. But the active elderly woman became ill and she was rushed to the Chesapeake Regional Medical Center emergency room.

Taylor told 13 News Now' She was bent over doubled in pain moaning out which is very unusual for her, she never complained. She was very loud and very, very sick. ' Taylor said.

Taylor recalled that the staff in the emergency room told them abdominal pain was not life threatening; he said they waited for more than three-hours to see someone.Fed-up he took his mother-in-law to another hospital.

'I could see her deteriorating before my eyes so we decided to pull her out and take her somewhere else.'

He said he took his mother-in-law to Sentara Princess Anne Hospital in Virginia Beach because she had been seen in that hospital before for her pain. However, Taylor, an attorney said he was told that it was too late,' They told us she was very ill to the point of life threatening.'

Taylor feels his mother-in-law could still be alive if she had been treated right away. Taylor and his family are suing Chesapeake Regional Medical Center as well as Princess Anne Hospital in Virginia Beach. Representatives from both hospitals said they could not comment on the case because it is in litigation and because patient privacy laws.

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