NORFOLK -- An eaglet at Norfolk Botanical Garden was examined Monday after it was rescued from a nearby canal Sunday.

The eaglet,whoseID band identifier is NE, ended up in the canal around 10:00 a.m. and was rescued by a photographer.

According to wildlife officials, NE made it to the edge of the canal but couldn't climb up and over the bulkhead to get out, so the photographer went in to help get him to shore.

It's unclear how NE ended up in the canal, but at the time of the incident, an unrelated eaglet was perched in the nest area and ate remnants of the morning meal before eventually leaving.

Monday morning, the eaglet was examined at Midway Veterinary Hospital in Chesapeake. The x-ray was clear and showedno problems whatsoever, officials stated.

When NEwas released at thegarden, he looked around a little bit and was flying just fine.

'After a few seconds of looking around to get his bearing, he flew right over toward his nest, then past it. At 3:30 he returned to the nest tree and perched on the front branch right next to (sibling) Camellia,' said Reese Lukei of the Center for Conservation Biology at the College of William and Mary.

'We could not have asked for a better result. Perfect.'

NE is the youngest of the brood of three at the Norfolk Botanical Garden nest. All three eaglets have fledged from the nest and have been observed flying on their own.

You can watch the eagles at Norfolk Botanical Garden live on's Eagle Cam.

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