What is it? an adjustable and reusable snap that attaches to any fabric. You can use the product on pants to easily change the hem by snapping or unsnapping your style snaps.

What does it claim? to be the world's first Snap & Hem Solution! The snaps will allow you to change your hem as often as you change your shoes. No Sewing! No Ironing! No Gluing!

Who tested it? Virginia Beach resident Tina Monti

What Are The Instructions? If you're working with boot cut or flare style you first need to turn your pants inside out. Then use the pull tab to peel backing off one side of two sets of Style Snaps. Place them below the hem stitching on the pants one to two inches apart. Repeat the steps on the other side of the same pant leg. Now cuff the pants and use a ruler to make sure the hems match. Then peek under the inside of the cuff. Use the pull tab to peel backing off both strips. Press to secure. Repeat those steps on the other side of the same pant leg. Then turn it right side out and do all the same things on the other pant leg. Once you turn it right side out you're ready to wear your pants at their new length.

Before you wash your pants you should remove your Style Snaps. All you have to do is gently grab the adhesive with the plastic strip and slowly peel the device off the clothing. If there is any remaining fabric residue on the Style Snaps you can wash it off by rinsing with water and dishwashing liquid. After it air dries, it's stickier than the first time. With the proper washing and care Style Snaps are reusable up to ten times.

The style snaps can also be used on gaping shirts, bulging pockets, unruly lapels and belts that are too long.

Did it work? Our tester thought it did a pretty good job. Being tall she usually has to buy regular pants and have them hemmed to get the right length she needs for crop pants. But with Style Snaps she just snaps her pants into the right length. Plus she really liked how she could use Style Snaps to keep her belt in place. It worked with her wide belt and her really thin one too.

Cost/Availability? We purchased the Style Snaps for $9.99 at Bed, Bath & Beyond.

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