What is it? A pulley that can be used to make those hanging plants a lot easier to reach

What does it claim? To be the easy way to care for your hanging plants

Who tested it? Norfolk resident and plant lover Mari Dawson.

What Are The Instructions? To attach your hanging plant to the Easy Reach Plant Pulley, attach the top clip hook, which is located at the top of the product, to a securely-fastened eye screw hook. Then attach and secure the hanging planter to the lower clip hook located on your Easy Reach Plant Pulley. After securing your hanging plant on the clip hook, gently raise your plant up to release the inner lock and then release the plant down to your desired height.

If you're watering your plant, gently raise your plant to release the inner lock. Then,holding the plant carefully and steadily, release the plant down to the desired height for watering. Gently and slowly lower the plant further until it is locked in place. It's recommended that you use both hands to hold the plant while raising and lowering.

After watering, gently raise the plant to the original or desired height. While still holding onto the plant, slowly lower the plant a bit until it is locked in place.

It's important to note the maximum capacity for the Easy Reach Plant Pulley is 10 pounds. The manufactures say you should not exceed ten pounds because failure to comply may result in death or serious injury to people or possible property damage.

Did it work? Our tester was pretty impressed. She has a lot of plants and two big hanging ones on her front porch that she says she struggles to water. After putting them on the Easy Reach Plant Pulley, she just easily pulled them down, watered them, then one tug and they went right back up. She really liked it and plans to put the Easy Reach Plant Pulley on all of her hanging plants.

Cost/Availability ? You can purchase a set of two Easy Reach Plant Pulleys at Bed Bath and Beyond for about $10.

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