WAYNESBORO, NC -- A Norfolk eaglet is on the mend after veterinarians found a chip fracture to her left leg.

The injury was discovered Tuesday during their check-up at The Wildlife Center of Virginia, where they've been since the death of their mother in mid-April.

The eagle, NZ, was holding her left foot up and when center workers went to get her, she tried to hop away without putting weight on her leg, officials said.

Radiographs confirmed the injury on the inside of her left leg, right above her band. Officials say the injury is considered 'fairly minor.'

Vets believe NZ ran into something Tuesday morning because the fracture is typically caused by a blunt force rather than becoming entangled or from interaction with a sibling.

NZ is being kept in a separate enclosure through the week to keep her quiet so healing can begin.

Vets gave NZ anti-inflammatory medication and pain medication. They say her leg won't need a cast or bandages.

Once additional radiographs confirm that her fracture is well calloused, she will return back to the pen with her siblings, officials stressed.

You can watch the eaglets as they grow up at the Wildlife Center of Virginia with the EagleCam.

On Wednesday, contractors were beginning to build the flight pen the three eaglets will eventually use.

Kjellstrom & Lee workers are donating their time, center officials said.

The eaglets were moved out of Eaglecam view Tuesday because material for the build was arriving and there would be lots of activity and noise around their pen.

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