VIRGINIA BEACH -- Police found 2 bodies inside a home in Kempsville which officers surrounded Friday afternoon.

Neighbors told 13News the bodies are those of a father and son.

A family member called police about a possible domestic-related shooting inside a house on Lord Nelson Drive, police spokesman Jimmy Barnes said.

Officers sent a robot into the home to assess the situation. They anticipated discovering a murder-suicide.

'Apparently, there was some complications between the two, and we didn't realize it was going to end up like this,' neighbor Lee Tweedy told 13News. 'When I heard the robots were breaking windows and all, I sensed what the outcome would be. Unfortunately, this is what came true.'

Tweedy and others said the son was former military. His father was a widower and a retiree who Grace Ginn said moved to Virginia Beach from New York at the begging of his 2 sons.

'I mean, he was ready to be with his children, too, if they needed him, and I think that was his purpose in being here,' Ginn explained who also had the opportunity to go to dinner with the homeowner, his sons, and his sons' significant others.

'It was a very lovely affair, and everybody seemed to be congenial, and never heard any bad words going around,' recalled Ginn. 'The way I see it, right now, is that there had to have been something to trigger all this. We don't know. We don't know if we ever will.'

Laura Halapin watched the movements of police from her garage and shared pictures she took with 13News.

'They used two robots. The second robot went up on the porch and knocked out the back window, and, then, the two cops went up to the window and had their guns in the window, and I watched them fire. I don't know if they fired the rubber bullets or not, but after that, they went in the back door which was unlocked and just walked back out, so I'm assuming that it wasn't pretty,' Halapin explained.

The homeowner, known for his walks around the neighborhood, an immaculate yard, and going out of his way to be nice.

Barnes noted that schools in the area were on lockdown as a precaution, adding that it's standard procedure whenever schools are close to police situations. Later in the afternoon, students were able to leave at the normal dismissal times.

Schools spokeswoman Eileen Cox told the lockdown went into effect about 12:30 p.m.

'Four schools Kempsville High, Kemspville Elementary, Kempsville Middle, and Providence Elementary were placed on external lockdown due to a police situation nearby. At this time, we do not anticipate any disruption to student dismissal.'

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