GLOUCESTER -- When Amber Sgro spilled wine on the couch she just purchased from the Roomstore in Newport News, she was glad she had bought the $200 warranty to cover it. She says the company promised to send her a new cushion; however, several months later, one still hadn't come.

She called the company, and that's when she found out one wasn't available and she would have to pick out a whole new set. Fine, she thought.

In December 2011, Sgro and her husband picked out another set that was slightly more expensive but they paid the difference. Expecting to get the furniture in a few weeks, Sgro now sits waiting and wondering when it will come, five months later.

'I called in February to get a delivery date. Okay. It's now not coming until April. We call in April and it's not coming until May. And now it's May and we just called to set up a delivery date,' explains Sgro as she runs down the timeline. She's now told it might be June, but Roomstore can't be sure.

After feeling like she was just getting excuse after excuse from Roomstore, Sgro called the 13News Troubleshooters. Roomstore's vice president of distribution, Scott Harris, says the set chosen by Sgro was very popular and the company ran into serious supply chain delays. He says the company is offering Sgro a full refund or a $500 gift certificate. Harris also apologized. Meanwhile, the Sgros are deciding what option to take.

Roomstore filed for bankruptcy last December and is going through a restructuring. Several of its Texas stores were closed. Harris says the bankruptcy is independent of the supply issues in the Sgros' case.

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