WILLIAMSBURG -- GM is showing off a new all-electric-powered pickup truck.

It's a first in the line of full-size extended range all-electric-powered pickup trucks, designed and built in the U.S. by via.

'This means America's work horse will continue to live,' said Bob Lutz, GM vice Chairman.

It is not for sale to the general public yet. Some electric utility companies have blended it into their fleet of vehicles for a test run.

The truck can be fully charged in about three hours. It costs about $1.50 to charge it. Right now, it costs about $79,000 but industry leaders say the price is steadily dropping.

'This truck will do 40 to 50 miles purely electric drive, followed by an additional rage of 300 to 400 miles using the gasoline engine as a generator,' described Lutz.

A small gas powered generator automatically recharges the batteries while the truck is on the road.

Lutz says the technology is going first into pickup trucks, vans, and sports utilities, because that's where it's needed most. He said getting into a car will have to wait until price of the batteries come down and energy storage goes up. That might be 10-15 years.

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