NORFOLK -- If you're going to survive a heat wave, you had better know what really works.

Here is myth number one:

'I've heard sunscreen reduces the chance of heat stroke. Is that true?' asked Katie Walley.

Norfolk Sentara Emergency Doctor Jessica Cartoski says that's a myth. Sunscreen will not cool your body temperature. However, it will protect your skin.

Let's go to myth number two:

'A friend of mine told me during the summer time, if you eat spicy food, you'd stay cool. Is that true?' asks John Bain.

Dr. Cartoski says that's not true. Spicy foods can certainly make you sweat, but that won't make you any cooler.

And finally, we have myth number three:

'What's really better - sports drinks or water?'

That's kind of a trick question. Dr. Cartoski says sports drinks have electrolytes, which you can sweat out. But if you're picking one, stick with water.

The doctor says that wearing sunglasses won't lower your body temperature but they can protect your eyes from harmful rays.

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