VIRGINIA BEACH-- Magic Tap is an automatic drink dispenser that claims to make it easier to use one hand to get a drink. We want to know, does it work?

Busy, Virginia Beach working mom, Erika Seichrist tried it out.

Magic Tap is supposed to be easy to use and fit a variety of containers. The touch trigger allows you to use just one hand to get a drink and makes it easy for kids to help themselves.

It's designed to accommodate most one gallon, non-carbonated/non-alcoholic beverage bottles.

So, did it work? Seichrist thought Magic Tap did what it promised, but she didn't think it was something she would buy.

The clean-up involved more work than she felt the product was worth.

Seichrist also said it came out kind of fast, adding that once you get use to it, you can get better control of it.

You can purchase the Magic Tap for $12.99 at Bed, Bath & Beyond.

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