NORFOLK-- With two weeks until the election, the battle to win the hearts and votes of Virginia's 830,000 military veterans continues for Senatorial candidates.

On Monday, Democrat Tim Kaine was courting the veteran vote in Hampton Roads.

Jim Webb, a former Navy Secretary, combat Marine and Senate Armed Services Committee member, joined Kaine when he visited VFW Post 4809 Monday afternoon.

Kaine listened to veterans' concerns but also questioned Republican Senate candidate George Allen's approach to resolving the sequestration issue.

Many believe sequestration could result in a half-trillion dollars worth of new defense cuts beginning Jan. 2.

'My opponent's plan with sequestration is just to re-fight the corrosive, partisan battle of the last couple of years about the Affordable Care Act, to try to repeal it, which if successful, would widen the deficit and require more cuts, not fewer,' said Kaine.

Allen has worked hard to earn veterans' support too. He visited with several dozen veterans earlier this month in Virginia Beach and Monday at an American Legion Post in Fairfax.

On 13News 'Vote 2012' Sunday, Allen described sequestration as 'a big issue between Tim Kaine and myself.'

Allen said, unlike Kaine, he would not have supported last year's Budget Control Act, which could set the sequestration process into motion.

Allen says he's against Kaine's plan to roll back the Bush-era tax cuts on people earning more than $500,000 a year.

'What we need to do is reign in spending and increase revenues. Now the one that will save trillions in spending and knock out trillions in tax increases is to repeal and replace Obamacare,' Allen said.

In addition to veterans' votes, Kaine today also targets women, with a new commercial in which Allen is attacked for supporting the idea of reversing Roe versus Wade.

Allen's campaign fired back with a press release, calling the accusations 'tired,' 'false,' and 'misleading.'

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