WASHINGTON -- Hurricane Sandy will make it difficult for some voters to get to the polls and cast their ballots, but will the storm affect who voters choose for president?

Seven out of ten Americans say they approve of the way the president handled the storm.

The race is a close one, and there have been two major changes in the polls over the last two months.

After the conventions, president Obama got his first lead in the national polls, and widened his lead in the swing states.

He held onto that lead until Mitt Romney won the first debate.

He erased Obama's lead in the national polls and narrowed the president's lead in the swing states.

That held up until the last week of October, when Hurricane Sandy hit.

Since the storm, the president has gained slightly in the national polls, and widened his lead a bit in the swing states.

Independent voters say they liked seeing the Democratic president work with the Republican governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie.

Before the storm, when you averaged all the national polls, Romney led by one point.

After the storm, Obama leads by half a point.

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