VIRGINIA BEACH-- Joe trained with Scotty Miller at the Jewish Mother, deep frying nearly 100 turkeys for Thanksgiving morning at his restaurant in Virginia Beach.

Before they got to frying the bird they had to wire tom turkey. Then it was time to inject some of Miller's special spices. Miller says this is what makes the turkey taste so good.

Miller stresses that it's very important to be safe. 'You make sure the turkeys are not frozen. If you put frozen turkey in 350 degree oil you are in big trouble,' advised Miller.

While the turkey was cooking, Joe worked on the trimmings like mashed potatoes, dressing and yams.

The green beans needed to go in the oven, but first they needed a sprinkle of fried onions.

Then it was time to check our turkey. Joe invited chef Reg Burroughs from the Culinary Institute of Virginia to observe his work.

After about 45 minutes the turkey was looking and smelling great!

Scotty had more safety advice too. 'You need to have a nice fire extinguisher close by.'

As Joe delivered the turkey to the table he had to ask how he did.

'I think that with a whole lot of practice you might want to decide to stay where you are!,' said Burroughs.

Miller said, 'I think you've done real well so far. I think we might bring you in next year as a second hand.'

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