NEWPORT NEWS -- 'I'm not one that worries. I'm not a worrywart, but here, lately, I have been, and that's not a comfortable feeling,' said Karen Bell.

Bell and her fiance, Reginald Fletcher, live in the apartment complex where Kathy Haley used to live. Months ago, Haley and her Boxer, Molly, seemed to disappear. The last time anyone in her family spoke to the 37-year-old was September 1.

'Some of the regular residents even passing by, you still see a sigh that's, like, a looking-over-your-shoulder type thing,' Fletcher explained.

When Haley's mother couldn't get in touch with her, she went to Haley's apartment from which she said things were missing and where she found 'destruction' inside it. Neighbors told 13News they saw police pull a mattress out of a dumpster at the apartments and that the mattress seemed to have blood on it.

'The longer the time goes by, the chances of locating her decrease,' said Master Detective W. B. Gordon. He and other detectives with Newport News Police Department received several tips through Crime Line, but none have panned out once checked. Gordon continues to look into other tips.

'We've got the stuff we sent to the lab, and we're waiting for results from that to return,' Gordon offered. 'Once that returns, hopefully, that'll open up some things.'

Gordon said the department has been able to find out where Haley was working. When her family reported her missing, they knew only that she was working in Portsmouth.

'Obviously, the environment she worked at, dancing, there's some hesitation on those people that work in that environment in wanting to talk to the police, but Iwould greatly appreciate if any of them would reach out and contact us,' Gordon said.

Police still are working to find the person depicted in a composite sketch they released in September. That person, who is not considered a suspect, is someone who may have been around Haley's home at about the time she and her dog went missing. Detectives think he could have information that would help them figure out what happened to Haley and Molly and if somebody is responsible for their disappearances.

'You know, you don't know if it was someone that she knew, if she was being stalked, if it was random,' Bell said. 'We definitely like to get some word, you know, as to whether or not this creep has been caught, you know, not just for our sake, but, you know...for her family.'

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