NORFOLK -- Cox Communications reports that email service was fully restored as of 6:30 a.m. Monday.

All customers should now be able to send and receive email messages.

A press release from the company states, 'If you lost access to your email during this outage, we have queued your emails received since Friday. You may continue to receive these queued emails over the course of the next several days. These will arrive gradually and may not be delivered in chronological order.'

They say that they are moving forward with replacing email storage platform equipment and implementing measures to prevent a reoccurrence of these issues.

The release says that technical teams continue to be on high alert and are monitoring systems closely.

COX Communications customers along the East Coast including Southeast Virginia, and parts of the Midwest were experiencing email outages that made it difficult for them to access their emails.

The company confirmed that the issue is not the result of a cyber attack or any form of cyber terrorism.

The outage does not affect COX Business customers.

COX says they are working on restoration efforts, but they do not have a definitive time as to when the system will be up and running again.

They encourage customers to set up a temporary account with a different email service so that they are able to send and receive emails. However doing this will not give you access to your COX account. has been receiving several phone calls and emails regarding this issue. Several customers took to our Facebook page saying that they have not had service since Friday evening.

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