NORFOLK-Dozens of parents are struggling to find childcare after the abrupt closing of Norfolk preschool/daycare.

They say they got a week's notice that New Life Christian Center was closing the King's Kids Preschool/Daycare.

Many of the 93 families are military and have a low income, so they struggle to find affordable daycare. Even after finding another place, some parents say they're on a waiting list and it could be as long as six months to learn whether their child can get in. Other daycares only accept kids of certain ages.

Pastor Ken Gerry said the preschool/daycare was started as a ministry. He admitted it's been struggling to remain open for several years because it's had to operate under new regulations. Some of requirements, according to Gerry, require more space per child and throwing out older cribs/items and buying new ones.

This year, the preschool became too much. Gerry said the church even put employees' payroll on personal credit cards to make sure they got paid. But it was time to close.

Gerry added there just wasn't enough space, money or staff to add more children.

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