NORFOLK-- Joe started his morning working with an 18-man crew, pouring and spreading concrete on the fifth floor of the new Norfolk Courts building.

As the pump poured, the laborers spread the concrete. 'I am dripping wet. Sweatin' like crazy up here. Whew,' said Joe.

The guys got up at 3:30 in the morning and started pouring at 5 a.m. They were spreading 14,000 square feet of concrete and then Joe's boss said, 'We only have 70,000 square feet to go!'

'Not too bad right now cause we're almost done. Once we come back up that other side, then I will be going home,' said laborer Pete Wells.

Down below, the Titan truck poured concrete into the pump. On Joe's floor a guy controlled the pump with a wireless operator.

Joe said that it seemed like it just kept coming as you spread it out. And he warned that your boots better be made for walking otherwise you will get stuck.

Archer Western is the company building the new courts complex. 'At the peak we probably have 200- 300 people. And we are shooting for the first quarter of 2014 for completion,' said project supervisor Tom Uram.

Watching all this construction is clerk Tim Baldwin who came to work in Norfolk Circuit Court 47 years ago, when the old building was brand new.

'That will be 50 years. What does that say about somebody finding something they really love to do? That I really love my job and always have,' said Baldwin.

The construction guys working with Joe said they love their job too, most of the time.

'I used to love it. The older I get the less I like it,' Cory North joked.

After his brief shift, Joe was pleased to hear his foreman say he didn't do that badly.

'Oh yeah you are doing better than some guys that we had before. Way better. So anytime that you want we are looking for someone to help us out,' said Jesus Hernandez.

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