VIRGINIA BEACH - Mount Trashmore is getting more family and fitness friendly.

Crews are improving the asphalt multi-use trail and adding state-of-the-art outdoor fitness stations.

The trails will be widened to 12 feet and trails around Kids Cove playground will link to the lakeside trail.

'Mt Trashmore hosts a lot of events walks, runs, fundraisers, and that will help accomodate those races. We never close a trail to the public. But it will just help with the amount of people that we have out here,' said Virginia Beach Parks and Rec spokeswoman Amy Woodson.

The fitness stations will provide low-impact circuits for novice users and older adults, including ones that are ADA-accessible, as well as high-impact stations for more intense workouts. The adaptable fitness stations will be located off the perimeter trail around Lake Trashmore.

Everything should be done by Spring.

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