NORFOLK - A handful of employees at the Southeastern Public Service Authority transfer station were evacuated after a chemical got into the air and caused breathing problems.

Situations like this occur when people put paint, cleaning products, car batteries and other hazardous materials in the dumpster instead of taking them, said Capt. Mike Hicks with Norfolk Fire and Rescue.

He said two workers in the main part of the building on Woodland Avenue complained of having scratchy throats and coughing. They were checked at the scene and didn't need to go to the hospital, Hicks stated.

Crews got a positive ready for flammable chemicals in the air, but there wasn't information about which chemical. The trash will be moved by bulldozers onto a truck and, from there, the Va. Department of Environmental Quality will decide where to dispose of the hazardous trash, Hicks added.

Household hazardous waste is accepted at the Norfolk transfer station on the first Saturday and fourth Wednesday of each month between 9:00 a.m. and noon.

For a list of household items considered hazardous waste and disposal information, click here.

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