PORTSMOUTH--The bed bug saga isn't over for Norcom High School.

Two weeks ago, a student showed up to the nurse's office with a bed bug on their body, compelling the school to have exterminators treat everywhere the student had contacted. No bugs were found.

This week two sisters at Norcom had bed bug bites but this time the nurse didn't find any bugs on them.

The school division contacted the girls' family who confessed that they have bed bugs at home. As a precaution, teachers are passing out heavy plastic bags to students, so they can keep their belongings from any possible contact with with bed bugs.

Lakeview Elementary School in Portsmouth also had a student with a bed bug about two weeks ago. School Division spokesperson Maureen Mizelle says there are no further reports of bed bugs at Lakeview. The school was also treated and no bugs were found.

Mizelle says next week both schools will continue to give students plastic bags for their belongings. The school division is trying to get the word out to parents about preventing bed bugs in their homes.

Here are some tips from the Portsmouth Health Department:

  • Remember bed bugs are not life-threatening.
  • Wash and dry your clothing and bedding on the hot cycle. A residential dryer can be effective for killing bed bugs on any soft articles which are 'dryer safe'.
  • Thorough and repeated vacuuming on all bedding, cracks and crevices, carpeting and base boards can remove bed bugs and eggs.
  • Diatomaceous earth powder (Roach Proof) is a very effective method of pest control in crack/crevice treatment.
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