HAMPTON ROADS-- Despite the warm temperatures on Friday, snow blanketed much of the region by late Saturday.

13News Meteorologist Jeff Lawson said beginning Saturday afternoon rain would turn into a wintry mix and then snow for inland areas.

At times the snow came down quite heavily but because the ground was warm and the air temperatures were well above freezing, much of the snow had a hard time sticking.

Temperatures fell into the upper 30's during the late afternoon and areas saw 1 to 3 inches of snow fall.

Drew Lankford is with Virginia Beach Public Works and said they will monitor the weather and forecasts throughout the day and treat roads as needed.

Lankford said they had their 'Frost Patrol' trucks out at 4 p.m. pretreating bridges, ramps and overpasses throughout the city and then sent 8 additional crews at 5 p.m. to treat other roadways.

In Newport News, city officials said snow was slowing down and didn't seem to be sticking to the roads but they have snow plows on standby.

There are 11 trucks ready to plow the roads in Hampton if needed.

Officials are asking all drivers to be cautious.

Saturday evening Dominion said they weren't working any weather related outages.

Jeff says expect the wind to pick up Saturday evening and warns that it will feel very cold outside.

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