VIRGINIA BEACH-- Regent University President Carlos Campo likes to manage his 6000 students by walking around and getting to know them, so Joe thought that would be a great place to start his new job.

If Campo said it once, he said time and time again, he likes to manage by getting out and about.

'Everyday I like to get out of my chair and get around and walk the campus, because you can hear reports and you can meet committees, but there is nothing like looking folks in the eye and hearing directly from students, faculty and staff,' said Campo.

From requests for money to a comment from someone in the theater department, Campo likes to hear from his students.

'I think that what I love about the president is that he speaks our language and he is a literary man,' said student Gil Elvgren.

Regent University is a whole lot smaller than the 40,000 students at Southern Nevada where Campo previously served as vice president.

'And I came to Regent because I wanted to come to a place I thought when graduation happens I will know the names of maybe half of our students that walk across the stage. That means a lot to me.'

And it meant a lot to Joe that law professor Natt Gantt's class applauded Joe's day-in-the-life as their president. 'No please stop,' Joe said.

Joe thinks the president has some pretty cool lineage. Campo is a first cousin of actor George Clooney. Campo's mother was Betty Clooney, who sang with her sister Rosemary Clooney.

'With my dad a professional Cuban band leader, and my mother an Irish singer, you know they met on the Jack Parr Show. Not many of my students know Jack Parr anymore. It's their grandparents that generally do,' added Campo.

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