VIRGINIA BEACH -- 'What I like to do is protect other people,' said Sally Baer. That's why the 68-year-old wanted senior citizens to know about a telephone call she got Monday.

'He said, 'Well, we need to clarify all our information so we can send you a new Medicare card.' Now, anyone who's on Medicare knows they will not send you a card unless you request one,' Baer said.

Tammy Beiderman with Virginia Beach Police Department's Economic Crimes Unit told 13News her office has fielded multiple calls each week since the beginning of the year. In every case, the caller had a fairly thick foreign accent. Police said the questions he asked were clear attempts to gain access to people's bank accounts.

'What's gonna happen is if they give their Social Security number and their banking number, what's gonna happen is all their assets'll be wiped out of a bank, and I would hate to see that happen,' Baer stated. 'I just don't want to see elderly people get hammered and taken advantage of. It's a crime to me.'

Police encourage anyone who receives the call about a Medicare card or any other odd calls to let them know.

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