NORFOLK--Rain and the possibility of snow this week could mean more potholes on the Interstates.

Crews continue to fill the holes on I-264 East, especially between the Ballentine Blvd. and Campostella Road exits, where potholes turned the afternoon drive into a nightmare as drivers pulled to the shoulder with flat tires and other damage.

'Whenever we have a big rain and I know I have to go out on 264, I worry about it you know. I mean because I know the potholes are there. I have a little 2004 Maxima. It's low to the ground and I know going 60 miles per hour that's rough,' said Corey Bailey, who lives in Chesapeake.

Last week, 13News reported on the inter-office emails that Commonwealth Transportation Board member Aubrey Layne, Jr. sent to VDOT, criticizing the agency for not addressing the pothole problems fast enough. Now, Layne is confident VDOT will be better prepared for this week's bad weather.

' I'm very comfortable with the reaction and with the response to what we're doing now. I do expect that the reaction time when the weather does clear will be significantly be better and they will be prepared to react if there are any issues unlike previous times when it was a little bit delayed in the response,' he said Monday.

Later this month, the VDOT commissioner is expected to release a report to the board detailing what went wrong February 8 when those potholes appeared on I-264.

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