ELIZABETH CITY, NC - After two shootings in three days on the campus of Elizabeth City State University, officials may make changes to its week-long VikingFest.

A 23-year-old student was wounded Saturday night; shots were fired two nights before. The shootings happened during VikingFest, which attracts hundreds of people. University officials say they may shorten it to two days and keep it just for students.

Meantime, University police are trying to identify and find several young men seen going into Butler Hall Saturday night. They're wanted for questioning about that April 13 incident, which police said was sparked by an earlier dispute with the victim.

For the safety of students and staff, there are more campus patrols and security checkpoints. The only way to enter is to how your school ID. Other precautions include adding steel fencing around the campus and installing new tower lights and surveillance cameras.

Some students said more security is needed.

'Honestly, I think the campus could do a little bit more and have a little bit more security. Because you rarely see them. You might see them every now and then but you really don't see them at all hardly.'

'A lot of times if I'm in the library and I'm getting out late, I try to hurry up as quick as I can because I really don't feel safe at all.'

Anyone with information should call University Police at 252-335-3555.

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