NEWPORT NEWS -- A Newport News mother and grandmother are facing charges after allegedly allowing a six-year-old girl to ride an HRT bus by herself.

Police say on Sunday 41-year-old Judy Shields put her granddaughter on the bus and 26-year-old Nicole Porter was supposed to meet the girl at 25th Street and Jefferson Avenue. Police say no one came to pick up the child and the little girl didn't know her address.

When police sorted it out and went to the child's home they found a two and a three-year-old who had been left alone.

Porter was arrested when she returned to the residence and charged with three counts of child neglect. Shields faces one count of child neglect.

HRT spokesman Tom Holden can't recall anything like this ever happening before.

Holden says HRT does not have age restrictions for children riding the bus because most children don't have identification.

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