NORFOLK -- Someone drove a car into Queen Street Baptist Church Tuesday, leaving the car underneath a canopied side entrance.

'I was crossing the street, and the car almost hit me, literally, hit me,' Coco told 13News. 'I guess when they saw me, they got scared and ran through the gate. They hit the church.'

Police think some young people were joyriding in a field next to the church when the driver lost control.

Coco said 4 people ran from the car after it came to a stop.

'Grew up at this church. My grandfather used to be the pastor here, family. This part of the building is named after him,' said Derek Briscoe. 'It's just kind of creepy, 'cause why is a car sitting there in the door, you know?'

Police spokesman Officer Chris Amos said the car may have been stolen.

No one was hurt.

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