VIRGINIA BEACH - Trash pickup in Va. Beach could get a lot more expensive.

City Council Tuesday night will vote on a budget that could raise the cost from $10.00 a month to around $21.00 a month. The initial FY 2013-2014 budget called for raising the fee by $3.00.

Councilman John Uhrin says that the fees must go up to cover the cost.

A proposed personal property tax on recreational boats may not be necessary. In a letter to Council, Mayor Will Sessoms said that the money needed for dredging navigational channels is now available from the Hurricane Sandy Relief Program, thus eliminating the need for the tax.

Homeowners will not see their real estate taxes go up like they did last year. City spokesman Marc Davis said City Council is going to drop the tax rate. 'The City already has the lowest real estate tax rate in the region at 95 cents. The mayor has proposed dropping it to 93 cents, to partly mitigate the trash fee increase,' he explained.

Davis stated all 11 City Council members agreed last week that that's the way to go and they'll make it official at the meeting today.

Higher fees are expected for some parks and recreation programs as well as some planning and special events permits.

Council also could vote an additional 1.66% raise for City employees beginning October 1. School employees would receive a similar increase by September 1.

Click here for budget details.

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