NEWPORT NEWS -- Several gallons of pool sanitizer spilled at a Newport News apartment complex Friday morning.

Seven people who may have been exposed to hazardous vapors were assessed by medics. Officials say they did not believe anyone would need to be hospitalized.

Crews from the Newport News Fire Dept. arrived just after 11:00 a.m. Friday at Springhouse Apartment Homes after receiving reports of a heavy odor of chlorine. Firefighters determined the leak was active and called in the hazmat team.

The spilled liquid contained 12%Sodium Hypochlorite and came from a container in the pool area of the apartment complex.

Officials say the leak is contained and the chemical will be neutralized.

Firefighters say pool chemicals can be extremely harmful if stored incorrectly and remind people with pools to use caution as summer approaches.

Springhouse Apartments has a community pool and is located near the intersection of Denbigh Blvd. and Jefferson Ave.

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