Update: Antoinette Alicia Reese, 29, of the 3200 block of Dunnbury Court, Virginia Beach was charged on July 16 with reckless driving, improper brakes and operating an uninsured vehicle.

VIRGINIA BEACH -- Ronnie Robbins left his home on Bound Brook Court to grab ice cream to go with his wife's peach cobbler. Minutes later, she was on the phone with him, panicked.

'When I got back, there was a car, literally, you know, in our house: in the game room, in my little girl's room, and through the front door,' Robbins told 13News Now.

A pregnant driver lost control of her car and slammed backwards into the home in Lynnbrook Forest late Tuesday afternoon.

Robbins'wife and4-year-old daughter were home at the time, but they weren't hurt.

'Everything's all right, you know. My wife's all right. My little girl's all right. Everything else can be replaced,' Robbins said.

The father of the driver's baby told 13News Now that just before the crash, she got into a fight with him farther down the street. He said she threw the car in reverse, speeding down the road.

'It was going faster than 25. Had to be at least 35 or 40. She was flying,' Lucrissa Huckabee said.

Huckabee was grabbing her mail when she spotted the car coming towards her and her SUV.

'I was a little concerned, and I saw her start to lose control a little bit, and she just shot, the car just shot to the left up into the house,' explained Huckabee.

'I heard a boom, and I saw the smoke, and, then, Iran over here, and I saw the car in the house, and I threw my phone at one of the bystanders and said, 'Call 9-1-1,'' recalled Michelle Walz.

The trained first responder said a passenger in the car got out and left as Walz went to check to see if anyone in the home was hurt and to check on the driver.

'She was very upset, shocked, conscious but non-responsive. She wouldn't answer any of my questions, and I got her to blink her eyes a little bit,' Walz said.

An ambulance took the driver to the hospital to be examined.

Robbins and his family cannot stay in the home, which was boarded up by the end of the day Tuesday.

Charges are pending, police said.

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