NORFOLK -- The butterfly house at Norfolk Botanical Garden comes alive with 25 of the 155 species of butterflies that are found throughout Hampton Roads.

Sunday, many people got an eyeful of the offerings at the garden. Chris Meyer also got a lensful, capturing butterfly after butterfly with his camera.

'My fondest is the Monarch. It's just from around and everything else, and I just enjoy doing the Monarch and, I guess, the Swallow Tail, the yellows,' Meyer said.

Butterly Tender Lauren Tofoya was on hand to explain the quick turnaround in the life cycle of butterflies once they transform from caterpillars into butterflies.

'When it comes out, within two days, it is adult seeking to pair and begin the egg-laying process, so it's less than 30 days from having been an egg to being in the egg-laying mode,' Tofoya said.

Toyfoya added nature's plan creates caterpillars for the food chain.

'It's a 2-percent survival,' Tofoya said. '2 of every 100 ever become a butterfly. The rest -- as an egg or a caterpillar -- are eaten by some other animal, and that's nature's design. That's why there's so many caterpillars.'

A big release of Monarch Butterflies will take place at the Norfolk Botanical Garden in September.

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