IVOR-Volunteer firefighters got an usual call for help Wednesday morning.

Cindy Carter found her horse - 16-year-old Bianca - stuck in a deep, muddy hole this morning. She thinks it got stuck last night when it went out during the rain storm.

Chief Carl Garner says it took a crew of 25 about two hours to get the ropes secured and then pull Bianca on solid ground with the help of a tractor.

Firefighters said the most difficult part of the rescue was battling the heat. A tent was put up to shade them and the animal from the sun.

Garner says he's proud of his team.

Carter is grateful and that Bianca seems to be okay.

'The firefighters are the best' she said.

Bianca was given an IV for dehydration. The hole on the property was dug to bury another horse, Carter explained.

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