NORFOLK --Eight people were displaced Friday when fire started in their apartment building on Maltby Ave.

A preliminary assessment shows that equipment failure - a conductor - led to the wire falling which caused a power surge.

Falling power lines in that area caused a power outage that initially affected nearly 4,000 customers. More than half had power within minutes, said spokeswoman Bonita Harris.

All but four customers were with power by 10:45 a.m. Those four live in complex and Dominion says the building has to pass city inspection before power can be turned back on.

No one was hurt. City officials said the building is not habitable and will be boarded up due to unknown damage to the electrical system.

Some residents were waiting in a shaded areas on this hot morning while others went to the homes of friends, Williamson stated.

Williamson said a rehab tent is in place for fire crews and they're cycling firefighters through and assessing them before they rotate back on duty.

Roads in the immediate area were blocked because of a downed power line and also so firefighters could run water lines.

The Red Cross is assisting the residents.

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