VIRGINIA BEACH -- Police Monday identified the Norfolk teenager who died after being pulled from the water off the Oceanfront Saturday.

More than 40 personnel participated in the search off 79th Street utilizing four boats, a helicopter and ATVs, authorities said, as they searched for 14-year-old Demonte White.

A team of lifeguards formed a search line wading through the area while sonars from the boats probed the bottom.

'Evidently, there was a friend with him, and what we hear further on the beach is that maybe he tried to help him in,' said Chief Tom Green with Virginia Beach Emergency Medical Services. 'He barely made it in himself, turned around, and couldn't see his buddy anymore.'

Someone spotted the boy about 4:00 p.m.

'He was pulling him out,' recalled Monika Klimczuk. 'He just grabbed both of his hands and pulled him out, few feet onto the shore.'

Paramedics began performing CPR on the teenager before loading him onto an ambulance which took him to the hospital.

There is no permanent lifeguard station at 79th Street, but lifeguards routinely patrol the area using ATVs.

The incident remains under review by the Virginia Beach Police Department.

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