CHESAPEAKE -- 'There's canine marks on the hood,' Robert Peek said. 'This animal tried to eat my car!'

Peek found claw marks, teeth marks, fur, and blood on his Toyota Avalon Sunday morning.

'This was ripped out,' Peek said, as he held on to a front portion of his car. 'I can,t tear this, all the strength I have, I cannot tear this, and he tore it like it was paper.'

Peek told 13News Now he called police who sent a forensics crew to investigate. It collected fur samples from the car which had saliva on it.

Peek is pretty sure a coyote is to blame, adding that something killed his neighbor's chickens several days ago.

'There's an animal, a dangerous animal out here,' stated Peek, 'and until he's gone, we need to keep an eye on our kids, our pets, and ourselves.'

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