NORFOLK--20-year old Caleb Waldemar and his 18-year old kid brother Zane may seem like your ordinary fast food workers.... but one night in May they turned into a tag team wrestling duo, stopping a robber from ripping off their Dad's Wing Zone Restaurant on Tidewater Drive.

'Adrenalin was the main factor', says Caleb, 'because you don't want to think about it, because this was my third robbery attempt and that was Zane's first, so I had more control over it. But it was still a big rush and you think about it afterwards. '

The attempted stick-up was caught on the restaurant surveillance camera. It's gone viral and has several hundred thousand hits. The suspect walks in the back door of the restaurant unnoticed.

'I had my earbuds in,' says Zane, 'so I was listening to music doing the mop bucket.'

Caleb was taking the trash out.

Then things broke loose.

Zane picks up what happened next, 'So I come up here and I take the door and I'm trying to slam it on him and he's rushing forward and that's when we grab him here and the cash register flips over and that's when I let go of the door and grabbed him and we're wrestling him and I got him in a headlock.'

They wrestle with the robber and their confidence seemed to grow when they realized the suspect didn't have a gun.

They chased the robber out and then celebrated with a brotherly chest-bump.

'We were so excited, ' says Zane, 'And I'm like finally we did this, we both got him! I was so excited that whole night I couldn't go to sleep. '

Police stress they do not recommend anyone confronting a suspect when a crime is being committed.

The suspect, who was carrying a dull butter-knife type weapon, hasn't been caught. If you know anything about this case, call Crime Line at 1-888-LOCK-U-UP.

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