NORFOLK -- The prospect of the United States taking military action in Syria has people in Hampton Roads braced for lingering effects.

Both families and businesses that talked to 13New Now said they hope President Obama thinks twice before ordering a strike.

Amanda Holloway was walking into a grocery store near Naval Station Norfolk on Friday afternoon with two young children in tow. She said her husband has just gotten home and now she fears he'll have to head out to sea again.

'My daughter is four, he's only been around for one of her birthdays,' Holloway said. 'He's been gone a year, two years at a time without being able to see the kids.'

Holloway said her children are both still too young to understand their father is away defending our country.

She doesn't see a need for the United States to take action against Syria.

'I really don't think that it's the United States' place to be getting in everyone's business,' she said.

Down the street, Rodney McKeithan owns a barber shop. McKeithan, who retired after twenty years in the Navy, said he's felt the effects of the United States being at war for more than a decade.

'A lot of ships and stuff will leave here and it'll definitely affect the floor of our business,' he said.

Another military operation, he fears, could mean another dip in his business.

'It's been up and down, up and down. As a matter of fact, some of the cruises that the ships are taking now are a lot longer and things of that nature, so, we've been affected, we've definitely been affected.'

Both McKeithan and Holloway said they're proud to live in a region that plays such a big part in keeping America safe.

Upward Church Norfolk is hosting a community-wide prayer service on Aug. 31 at 7 p.m. for all those affected by the current situation in the Mediterranean, including the sailors and family members associated with the USS Ramage, USS Stout, USS Barry, USS Gravely, USS Harry S. Truman and USS Nimitz.

UPWARD Church Norfolk is located at 3230 Sewells Point Road.

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