WASHINGTON, DC - New questions are being asked this morning about security in the nation's capitalfollowing Monday's shooting at the Washington Navy Yard.

Government employees and Congress are bound to have new questions now.

Some workers at the Washington Navy Yard say if you have a valid I-D your car is not searched.So it was easy enough for the shooter - Aaron Alexis - to bring a gun to the Yard and use it to shoot his way into building 197. It's still not clear whose I-D he was using.

Another question involves his security clearance. Word is Alexis had been working as a Defense Department contractor - even though he was arrested twice - in Seattle and Fort Worth - for shooting a gun.

His father told police he had anger management problems and he reportedly did not receive an honorable discharge when he left the Navy Reserves.

We don't know if the contractor checked his background, but it only took reporters a couple of hours to find out.

So, Congress may ask if these background checks are thorough enough.

We're hearing security was NOT as tight at the Navy yard as at other military bases. Even though it's called the Washington Navy Yard - there are no ships there. It's a group of office buildings, where about 20,000 people work. So security is closer to what you might find at a federal office building.

Background checks for contractors are becoming a bigger deal. As the government downsizes, more work in contracted out. We found out recently that some background checks for contractors at the N-S-A are not as thorough as you might expect.

After Monday, Congress may have more questions about the whole issue.

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