PORTSMOUTH - Friends of a teenager in killed in an accident Thursday are planning a memorial for Sunday at Portsmouth City Park.

They gathered Thursday night at the crash site and put up a sign that read 'Rest in Peace.'

17-year-old Talon Cohen died and his friend, Mark Parker, was injured when their car collided with a pickup truck on Portsmouth Blvd. They were on their way to Wilson High School.

Allison Clark can't believe that her best friend is gone.

'I just kept on saying no it didn't happen, we were supposed to hang out this weekend, we had plans,' said Clark.

'I grew up with Talon,' said Josh Howell. 'I went to elementary school with him, and it's just crazy that he's gone.'

Students tell 13News Now the principal at the school called for a moment of silence following the accident.

Parker remained hospitalized late Thursday.

The truck driver was treated at the scene for minor injuries.

Police said no charges will be filed until the investigation is completed.

The memorial is set for 6:30 p.m.

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