UPDATE: City Council approves increased fines for late-night parking in some Oceanfront neighborhoods.

VIRGINIA BEACH-Fines for late-night parking in some Oceanfront neighborhoods will double if City Council approves the hike Tuesday night.

Right now, drivers who park in residential neighborhoods between 30th Street and Rudee Loop between 8:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m., are ticketed $35. That would increase to $70 for the first ticket. If it's not paid within two weeks, the fee would double to $140.

Parking Manager David Fairbaugh says this is one way to keep loud and rowdy crowds out of residential areas late at night.

He believes the steep fines will get people to use parking lots and garages.

'High season is down and the goal is to improve parking at the Oceanfront. If we give you a ticket, we are serious about it and want you to obey the rules,' said Fairbaugh.

So far this year, the city and police have handed out 3,900 citations.

If approved, the new fines would take effect immediately, said City spokesman Marc Davis.

'It's excessive taxation; it's just wrong. So I'm voting against it,' Bill Desteph told 13News Now.

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