NORFOLK -- Thursday morning's commute was a messy mix of wind and rain, and flooded streets.

4th View St. in Ocean View was covered in water, but some motorists took their chances driving through.

At Llewellyn Ave. and Granby St., one motorist tried to drive through the deep water and got stuck. Andre Whittaker says the car in front of his made it through so he thought he could too. Whittaker's car stalled in the middle and his engine died.

'It's a tough lesson learned,' he laughed.

Olney Rd. and Boush St. was impassable around 2:30 a. m. but by rush hour most of the water had drained off.

At the Midtown Tunnel, the ramp from Route 58 east to Brambleton Ave. was closed around 1:00 a. m. because of standing water.

It reopened in time for the morning commute.

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