NORFOLK -- Norfolk State University's interim president says the school plans to scrap its embattled two-year nursing program.

The program, which allowed students to earn their RN licensure in just two years, was suspended in August by the Virginia Board of Nursing after its passage fell below 80 percent for each of the past three years.

At the time of the program's suspension, NSU administrators said they had hired a new coordinator for the program and were planning a series of changes to help the program succeed. But in an interview this week, Interim President Eddie Moore said the school now plans to scrap the two-year program.

'There are some opportunities for us to enhance and strengthen our nursing program out of this,' Moore said. 'I talked to the provost as recently as this morning and the two-year program, we are planning on giving that up, and we believe that will actually strengthen the four-year program.'

Currently, the University offers a program for licensed practical nurses looking to earn a four-year degree or for those who have other four-year degrees looking to become a nurse.

'We hope to expand that and have another four-year degree offered,' Moore said.

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